Offering Piano Lessons in Denver Colorado

collage of people of all ages playing piano Would you like to learn to play piano? Or perhaps, you're interested in having your child learn to play and also gain an appreciation for music? If so, you've come to the right place — Denver's Center for Musical Creativity where learning to play the piano is fun for all ages.

Most people want to play piano for the sheer pleasure of it. Here at the Center, students both young and adult discover that piano lessons are a lot of fun and piano playing is a relaxing and fulfilling hobby.

Together, we will create a curriculum just for you, one that assures you learn to play the styles of music you want most to play — including musical theatre, jazz, country, classical or something else. Our piano teacher, Dorane Subjack, has decades of piano teaching experience and has guided and inspired students of all abilities to enjoy making music at the piano.