Adult Piano Performance Opportunities

man playing piano Performance opportunities are available strictly by choice. Most adult students are very reluctant to perform for anyone, but after a few months of lessons, friends and family frequently ask them to perform. The student readily acknowledges that they’re getting more proficient and they “should” learn to share their music, but they’re still very reluctant. For this reason, I hold informal parties twice a year in my studio to give my adult students an opportunity to perform for one another and for their families and friends. Students are welcome to attend whether they are prepared to play or not, because the group usually has a lively discussion about topics such as performance anxiety, the periods of musical history, the history of jazz, improvisation, etc. In addition to these parties, students also have the opportunity to perform at a local senior center. This is a wonderful way to overcome performance anxiety while also contributing to the community. Seniors enjoy listening to music and the adult students who perform there find it extremely rewarding.