Piano Lessons for Adults

Each weekly lesson lasts one hour to allow time to cover theory, technique and student questions. Generally adults want to understand music intellectually as well as be able to play the piano. For this reason, I teach the underlying structure and form (the theory) behind each piece, which most adults find fascinating.

Many adults discover that the more they know about the music, the more their musical tastes change. This is true when just listening to music too. Studying piano provides a wonderful opportunity to expand your musical appreciation and creativity while learning a satisfying new skill.

Since most adult students don't have much time to practice, the practice habits taught help make the most of the time spent. The actual amount of time devoted to practice is less important than a steady progression toward meeting your individual goals. Even if practice time is limited, you can take piano lessons and feel like you are improving and getting results, which is highly rewarding.

If you're just beginning your musical journey, classes of 4 adult "newbie" students are a fun way to start. Classes are $98/month for a weekly one hour class, which is a very economical way to learn how to play a song in a very supportive environment. Call 303 306 1342 to find out when the next session begins.