Piano Performance Opportunities for Children

audience listening to piano recital Most children love to perform and relish the opportunity to show off the pieces they've mastered. The Center provides two recitals each year, complete with on-site rehearsals.

The rehearsal is held in the actual recital hall a few weeks before the event so children can feel comfortable with the larger venue, the unfamiliar piano and playing for other students. During rehearsals, we discuss concert etiquette and practice performing for an audience, which includes making sure the student’s manner at the bench is appropriate for the tone and type of piece performed. This thorough preparation allows students to feel confident at the recital, when families and friends are present.

Elementary school aged children are also invited to parties twice each year where each child plays a piece for the other children (frequently they want to play several!) Following the performances, we play games that reinforce concepts learned during their lessons, such as note reading or rhythm. It’s a fun challenge and children win prizes. Often, kids have so much fun they don't want to go home.

"Dorane makes the recitals as comfortable and enjoyable for the students as they can possibly be."
- H. Walters, mother of 5th grade student