Lesson Programs for Children

young girl playing piano

What are the benefits of piano lessons?

In my experience, children learn so much more than just how to read and perform music when they study piano.
  • They develop confidence.
  • Their creative abilities increase.
  • They become more comfortable socially.
  • They learn a healthy hobby that lasts a lifetime.
  • They learn to express their emotions through music, so music becomes a mental and emotional outlet.

As for you, you'll listen to live music being played in your house!

Here are three different formats of piano lessons to choose from:

Individual Piano Lessons

Individual lessons are tailored to the learning process and the style and interest of your child. Some students prefer popular music, and others prefer jazz or classical. They're great for students who need to fine tune their skills, or who need to prepare for an audition. Transfer students who need remedial work also benefit from individual lessons.

Students who have private individual and tailored lessons are also provided motivational activities to inspire them to practice what they've learned during the lesson.

Partner Piano Lessons

Partner lessons allow two students at the same level of ability and close in age to study together. This more economical approach has the added advantage of providing a built-in duet partner. It is also a more social approach to learning, which is often appealing to children, partly because it keeps the focus from being entirely on them individually. Partners play musical games together to reinforce learning. Lessons last one hour and include music lab time during the lesson to allow me to have one-on-one time with each student.

Group Classes

The group classes are limited to 4 students who learn together through musical games, manipulative learning tools and playing duets together. The duets have a big sound that really appeals to older beginners. Students regularly perform for one another, which is a great motivator to be prepared for class and ready to play. This also allows them to learn to perform without the added pressure of a public recital. They also spend time developing their musicianship skills, such as theory, rhythm and listening.

We are currently accepting registrations for Beginning Piano Group Classes for the school year starting in August 2018. Call 303 306 1342 soon so we can include your child - one class has a waitlist already. Tuition is $98/month for a weekly one hour class.

Ultimately each student has their own needs when it comes to a lesson format. Often a hybrid approach works well, with their regular class being in a group format and where required, supplement individual lessons to fill in gaps.

"Dorane has made learning to play the piano a joyful time for Emma (6 years old). She has learned a lot and experienced many giggles along the way."
- A. Colon