Piano Lessons for Children

girl playing piano Introduce children to the joy of music with piano lessons created specifically with today's tech-savvy young students in mind. In addition to traditional teaching methods applied to the music they want to play, kids learn to read notes using a computer that makes it as fun as playing a video game - but way more beneficial. Children are thrilled to experience playing a classical piece with a symphony or a rock piece with a rock band backup on a MIDI disc.

The key with children is to keep lessons lively. Play the music they want to play. Change things up. Employ board games, rhythm instruments, flash cards and other reinforcements to keep young minds engaged and eager to learn.

That’s the individualized curriculum available at The Center for Musical Creativity. It’s unique in the Denver area and catching on strongly because it keeps kids engaged with piano for the long haul. And in today’s flashy, noisy distracting world, keeping your child at the piano and interested is essential.

"We're so thankful for Dorane. She not only taught our daughter to play the piano, but how to learn anything."
— E & M