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Dorane Subjack

Studio Piano Recital

May 12

Thank you to all the students for another oustanding Center for Musical Creativity Recital! All your efforts really showed in today's performances. It was such a treat to sit back and enjoy your playing. I'm so proud to be your teacher!

National Guild Auditions

April 26

Today, twelve of my students auditioned for the National Guild of Piano Teachers. They all knew their music and their theory so well and each one of them did a splendid job! At the end of the day, Melanie Bankston, the adjudicator from Texas commented, "Your students are well prepared and play with accuracy and musicality. Bravo!"

Elementary School Party

March 19

On Saturday, CMC held a piano party for our elementary school age students. Our party had a St. Patrick's Day theme and included a bingo game with shamrock notes on a grand staff, a "pot of gold" musical symbol board game, and lots of green candy prizes. As always, the party began with a piano performance by each of the students. The students awarded one of their peers a huge green lollipop for her exceptionally polished piano playing.

Schmitt Music Piano Competition Recital of Finalists

March 4

I really enjoyed the Schmitt Music Competition Non-Competitive Division recital this evening. I'm very proud of my student, Jonathan who performed Gurlitt's Waltz in C at the recital. It's always fun to hear all the young pianists perform really well!

Schmitt Music Piano Competition

March 4

Congratulations to Hayden, Nicholas, Smera and Vedaant for auditioning today for the Schmitt Music Competition, Non-Competitive Division. It was the first competition for all of them and they all played really well.

Schmitt Music Piano Competition

March 3

Congratulations to Averil, Brandon, Jonathan and Katie who all auditioned for the Schmitt Music 2018 Piano Competition today. All of them played beautifully!

United States International Duo Piano Competition

January 31

Congratulatons to Averil, Brandon, Jonathan and Katie for stellar performances at the United Sates International Duo Piano Competition at the Broadmoor. Both duos were finalists, which is quite an achievement, considering this is our first year to apply, and they just started playing together in September!


Holiday Recital

December 2

In a concert all friends and family enjoyed listening to CMC students perform holiday music. Our duo teams performed on the two gorgeous Yamaha concert grand pianos and particularly impressed the younger students who vowed to count more diligently so they too can have a duo partner and play together. We also heard Frosty the Snowman performed by an elementary school piano/vocal duet which was a real treat to hear. It was a beautiful event and we all enjoyed hearing familiar music.

United States International Duo Piano Competition Results

November 23

The United States International Duo Piano Competition informed CMC that both of our duo teams are finalists and will perform at the live rounds of the competition in January. Congratulations to Averil, Brandon, Jonathan and Katie for stellar performances! This is quite an achievement, considering this is our first year to apply, and both duos started playing together in September.

Elementary School Party

October 14

Now that the elementary students have advanced in their skills, we had an “everything “ party which required that the students know rhythms, notes, dynamics, rests and theory in order to win the games. The competition was quite heated as they battled through challenging rhythms and theory questions to win the $1,000,000 candy bar.

PreSchool Party

September 16

Feeling the beat was the focus of our fun party for pre-schoolers. We sat in a circle and passed a ball to the beat of music before playing games that reinforced the musical alphabet and numbers. The musical bean bag game was the favorite game of the day.

Adult Student Party

August 12

Some of the adult students met to share their recently learned pieces with each other. In addition to Für Elise, Sonatinas and Toccatas , we heard quite a few musical theatre pieces like As Time Goes By, Tonight from West Side Story and Come Rain or Come Shine. We had a lot of fun and the praise and appreciation the students have for each other always make these events a warm and supportive place to share music with one another.

Center for Musical Creativity Students Receive Founder's Awards from the National Guild


We’re very proud to announce that all of the students who participated in the National Guild auditions were recognized by the National Guild as deserving Founders Awards! We knew they all did a fabulous job from the high scores on their report cards. For their special recognition their report cards had to be reviewed by the special enrollment team at the Guild headquarters in Austin, TX. Congratulations to all the participants!

Studio Recital

May 20

The studio recital enabled the students to demonstrate and celebrate their accomplishments.

To help keep them focused and practicing, we held a motivational raffle throughout the spring semester. Students earned guesses by practicing and achieving goals. It was a fun way to gain recognition for achieving small goals which build into larger concepts. We held our raffle drawing at the recital and students won everything from sheet music to an iTunes Gift Certificate.

A relatively new student, Izzy, made her debut piano performance. She was very impressed with the other students’ performances. The National Guild participants all received their certificates and even nine year old Izzy noticed how much better the Guild students play than the students who didn’t play an audition. Now she is very motivated to prepare an audition for the National Guild in 2018.

National Guild Auditions

April 24

The National Guild auditions were held today. After months of preparation, the students all performed splendidly. The judge wrote, “I really enjoyed hearing your students today! They knew their theory also!”

Nursing Home Recital

April 22

Middle School age through adult students performed at an area nursing home. The school age students performed their pieces from memory and the adults preferred to play while reading sheet music.

One freshman from Overland High School who performed a Beethoven Sonatina & Schumann’s Wild Horseman received lots of appreciation from one of the nursing home residents. During the silent time between performances by other students, she would ask him eagerly “Are you playing yet? and “Is it your turn yet?”

It was very touching to witness the interaction of a senior citizen with a high school student.

Piano Party for Elementary School Students

February 25

Elementary School Students played the "Everything Game" which required knowing how to read notes on the staff, rhythms, musical terms and symbols. We had a surprise winner - one of the youngest students who is a new piano player! Everyone played a favorite piano piece and enjoyed listening to the other students perform.

Piano Party for Pre-School Students

February 11

Center for Musical Creativity Pre-School Students enjoyed our winter piano party. We played rhythm games and had a bean bag toss/relay race which demonstrated how well they know their musical symbols. Every student played a piano piece and followed it with a very polished bow. All had a great time and went home with a goody bag full of treats and prizes!

Piano Party for Adult Students

January 28

At our adult piano party, all the students played piano music which entertained the whole group. One student said that she always looks forward to the parties and enjoys performing at them because everyone really appreciates the effort she put into learning the piece. Music included fabulous performances of pieces by Debussy, Kuhlau, Bach, André, and a jazzy arrangement of Amazing Grace. A fun time was had by all!


Holiday Recital

December 4

The Center for Musical Creativity presented its annual holiday concert hall recital for friends and relatives of the students. All of the students played beautifully, and the audience enjoyed hearing familiar holiday songs. Winners of National Guild Founders Awards were presented with their plaques at the end of the performance.

Nursing Home Performance

October 15

The Center for Musical Creativity presented a Fall Recital for the residents of a local nursing home. It included music from a variety of eras and styles, from a royal march to 20th Century jazz. The familiar tunes had the seniors singing along and clapping their hands.

National Guild Exams


All ten CMC students who auditioned for The National Guild of Piano Teachers and applied for the Founders Award were granted the award by the National Guild. Big congratulations go to each student for a superbly performed audition!

Spring Piano Recital

May 14

Our school age piano students performed their favorite pieces at our Spring public concert hall Recital. Parents in the audience commented that "every performer sounded so great!" and "we're so proud of them, the recital showcased the results of their diligent practicing!"

National Guild Exams

May 3

Ten CMC students auditioned for The National Guild of Piano Teachers and each one passed the exam with flying colors! As a result, every one of them is now a member of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians for 2016-2017! The judge wrote "I am impressed that your students are so well prepared!"

Every one of them had set a goal to achieve a Founder's Award. Based on their high scores, Founder's Awards are expected for all!

Community Service Performance

April 2

Students from Middle School age through adult performed at a community service performance at a local nursing home. The students enjoyed playing their rousing music, such as The Frisky Filly which had the residents clapping along and tapping their toes.

Piano Party

February 27

CMC elementary school students enjoyed listening to their peers play a piano piece. Then a fun competition began with several note reading games, which seemed to end up with everyone winning at least one game and going home with a bunch of prizes.

Adult Students' Party

February 13

Several of the adult CMC students met at the studio to share the music that they've learned since the last party. Every one was encouraged by the advancement of the other students' performances and said that hearing progress in others is really encouraging. Music by Chopin, Kuhlau, Irving Berlin and other composers was beautifully performed by the students.

Winter Recital for School Age Students

January 9

Truly a winter recital, the performance included music about ice skating, snow, wind and icicles. Everyone played beautifully, including two sisters who played a duet and choreographed every detail of it so that it not only sounded great, but it looked polished too!


Pre-School Students' Party

December 12

The Center's youngest students all impressed with their rhythm, piano key recognition and knowledge of their finger numbers! All of them are ready to move into the next level of study. Congratulations to the young students and to their parents for helping them practice at home!

Nursing Home Performance

November 7

The older students performed at a local nursing home. Several of them say that sharing the music that they worked so hard to learn makes it worth the effort.

Elementary School Students' Piano Party

October 10

The Center's elementary school students attended a Piano Party and showed off the music they've been learning, then competed in rhythm games. A very fun time was had by all. No one wanted to go home!

National Guild Award Winners

July 10

All the Center's students who auditioned for The National Guild of Piano Teachers in May have each been awarded the Founder's Award by the National Guild. Several have their photos published in the international magazine, Piano Guild Notes. We are very proud of all of them for choosing to set their goals above the minimum requirements of the audition and scoring so high!

The following article appeared in The Villager Newspaper on October 13, 2005

October 13

Piano teacher makes learning fun

By Cindy Williams

Dorane Subjack Dorane Subjack loves piano, and has a gift for passing that love along to others. For more than 20 years, she has inspired others with her unique brand of teaching piano that tailors the training to the student. "No two students — and no two curricula — are identical," she explained. Depending on the student's interests, the course may include jazz, classical, musical theatre, ragtime, rock, folk, blues, religious and other types of music. Her approach is to understand each student's strengths, learning style, aspirations and personality before developing an individualized learning program that encourages practice, enables the student to reach achievable goals, and is enjoyable. The comprehensive program includes music reading, theory and ear training.

There's nothing orthodox or ordinary about Dorane’s methodology. Students at her Center for Musical Creativity learn to play the piano with the aid of computer lessons, games, books and even compositions she pens herself especially for them. "I've merged traditional piano study with modern technology to give today's students training that holds their attention and is fun," Ms. Subjack explained. One student's mother remarked, "We've tried so many teachers and nothing seemed to click. It took Dorane with her music games and friendly contests to get my son to buckle down and do something with his music."

Central to any successful piano study is practice, and it is traditionally the hardest obstacle for piano teachers to overcome. Ms. Subjack has made great strides in this area as well. "I teach students how to practice," she remarked. Clearly, through her 20 years as a piano instructor, Dorane has learned that teaching piano is as much an art as playing.

Ms. Subjack's qualifications are impeccable. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Westminster Choir College and a lifelong certification to teach music K-12. In addition, she has performed professionally with the New York Philharmonic and Philadelphia Orchestras.

For more information about the Center for Musical Creativity, Dorane Subjack or to inquire about beginning instruction in piano, please call 303-306-1342.