Teen Piano Programs

female teen playing grand piano Teaching teenagers to play the piano is one of the most rewarding components of our music program. Because I tailor the curriculum to the individual teen’s musical interests and learning preferences, it’s easier to keep them engaged and progressing over the long haul.

Individual lessons are a great benefit to any student, but they are especially important for students with learning disabilities. Lessons consist of 45 minutes of personal instruction followed by 15 minutes of music lab time using a computer or digital keyboard to reinforce concepts and skills introduced during the lesson.

Partner lessons are an alternative to individual lessons that pair two students of the same level of ability and similar ages to study together. These lessons are particularly appealing to teens, who typically are more social and enjoy learning with a friend. A more economical approach, partner lessons offer the added advantage of providing a natural partner for duets. Partners play musical games together that reinforce lessons. These lessons last one hour and include music lab time within the lesson, which allows me time to work one-on-one with each student.