Teens Learn to Play Piano

male teen playing piano Teaching teens to play piano is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks undertaken at The Center for Musical Creativity. Teens want lessons that respect their individual taste in music, their need for excitement and their love of fun. We deliver it all — and more.

Whether a teen likes rock, jazz, blues, classical, ragtime, musical theatre, some other style of music - or a combination, the teacher works out an individualized curriculum based on the personal tastes and learning styles of the student. Teens benefit from the latest computer teaching technology to help them master the less exciting, but essential aspects of piano, such as note recognition that leads to reading music.

Together we make piano fun, so it becomes a way to express creativity and build the self confidence that comes with learning a new skill.

"My daughters would never practice for other teachers. Dorane was able to motivate them to spend time at the keyboard each day. It made such a difference in their enjoyment and growth."
- A. Richards